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Sunshine Circle is a regular gathering of the women of Trinity United Methodist Church.  Over the years it has moved from meeting in personal residences to public venues such as DeSha's restaurant.  The attendees open each meeting with a devotion and prayer, taking turns to hostess the monthly meetings.  Business is conducted before and after the meal.  Participants order individually from the regular menu and are responsible for payment.  The focus of each meeting is on communication, service, prayer, and projects.  Meetings are conducted by a president who holds the office for two years.  A treasurer's report is presented.  The hostess provides a door prize.  The meeting closes with a collect from Genesis 31:49.

All adult women of Trinity are welcome to participate in Sunshine Circle.  No formal invitation is extended.  The circle is another way for the women of Trinity UMC to grow together in faith and share common philanthropic interests.


Sunshine Circle is a great way to get better acquainted with ladies in our church and get involved in helping through working together.

The group brings sunshine to our life on a cloudy day.  Sunshine Circle is one of the most active groups in our church.


Spending time with women of Trinity is a blessing and knowing we help others in a small way is as well.

It has meant so much to me all the love and support I have received from this group through difficult times.


Loading up lunches and delivering them all over town brought us closer together and helped raise money for helping our community!

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